Whether working through a checklist to make everything immaculate or simply prepping for a showing, sellers have a lot on their plate. My approach aims at streamlining the process by bearing as much of the load as possible while keeping tabs on every minute detail. After all, a new house is more than likely on the horizon, so sit back and enjoy the exciting new adventure coming your way.

Similar to working with a buyer, it all starts with planning. We create a strategy that lays out absolutely everything starting with the often overlooked question, “Given the circumstances, when is the appropriate time to list?” Once that initial information is obtained, the focus shifts to anticipating any potential issues a prospective buyer might notice. My ultimate goal is to eliminate every negotiating position a buyer may have before they even step through the door. This isn’t necessarily accomplished by doing a full blown remodel or even by having your house professionally staged. I have trusted individuals lined up and ready to step in if that is the case, but more times than not, it isn’t required. Instead, we go the emotive route where I:

–          Suggest removing or rearranging furniture

–          Point out where de-cluttering is essential

–          Assist in shifting décor so that both your home and the professional photographs look perfect

Basically, we create an environment that forms an immediate emotional attachment for the future owner. Once that connection is secured, we are far better positioned to be firm in our negotiations moving forward.

Selling can be an emotionally draining experience, but that doesn’t have to be the end result. By taking a few additional steps in the beginning and truly preparing for the market, my clients not only capture a higher dollar amount, but they also experience a smoother transition.