About Me

About Me

MattLundeWow… Where to even begin? Back in 2005, I received my license to begin my career as a full time Realtor and since that time, real estate is all I’ve done and known. For the first 5+ years I was with the “big boys”, which started with Edina Realty right out of the gate and was then followed by one of the largest RE/MAX offices in the state. I received a number of sales recognitions during the course of both stays and I give a ton of credit to the training and knowledge that I received throughout those years. Both were wonderful companies, but something was missing. I felt like additional steps could be taken for the client or that marketing in general could be more effective. Basically…less fluff with an extra focus on substance.

Enter Dwell Realty Partners. Dwell Realty Partners, located in Minnetonka, is more of a boutique-style office. I made the switch in early 2011 because not only did I appreciate Dwell’s especially hands on approach with clients, but I was able to cut out some of the fluff previously mentioned and enhance my online footprint. This modification increased visibility for my listings and my sellers essentially reap the benefits. Strategies for real estate, whether buying or selling,  are never stagnant and to be able to keep up with the modern world, you need to be lean and nimble.

My general philosophy has always been simple: Constantly strive for the best within the given parameters and always, always, always, watch out for the future well-being of the client. This is readily achieved through my use of active listening and being more forward looking. Don’t be fooled…listening and active listening are two entirely separate skills. I will continually ask my clients pertinent questions so that I can  hone in 100% on what they are ultimately trying to achieve. My clients are the focus and my job is to make them as satisfied as possible throughout the transaction.

As for being forward looking, buyers and sellers are generally focused on the now and rightfully so. Making a move is a HUGE decision. However, basic life changes or sometimes pesky issues that tend to arise two, three, or maybe five years after you make the jump will not be easily overcome if you are not keyed in on the big picture. This is where I come in. I fully assess each client and even project a 5-7 year plan on what potential variables could come into play or what could hypothetically be different. Obviously no one can foresee a job transfer, divorce, or another unanticipated circumstance, but those clients that have had to sell rather quickly tend to be better positioned due to this approach.

Basics, such as being a strong negotiator, pointing out both the positives and negatives within each home, and helping prep your house for the market are all obviously important characteristics. However, because I like to believe that I truly do go beyond your expectations, these additional vital attributes have been my keys to success since the beginning of my career. I look forward to showing you what they can do for your own situation.