Getting to work with both buyers and sellers is wonderful, but I absolutely LOVE assisting buyers. Most moves are prompted by a change in lifestyle or another major life event. The energy that is accompanied by that switch can truly be intoxicating. Honestly, whether purchasing a first or sixth house, the excitement level is unmatched.

As noted under the “about me” section, my goal is to focus not only on the current requirements for each client, but also to target what attributes will be most appealing to the market whenever the time comes to sell. Remember that homes are not just a place to live, but they are your single largest investment. Similar to any meaningful asset, a purchase of a new place requires additional thought, strategy, and a long-term plan. My job isn’t to simply drive you around and unlock the doors all while pointing out fancy countertops, hardwood flooring, and high-end appliances. From my perspective, anyone in the world can bring your attention to those items. The value I bring is to assess the functionality of the home. Here are just a few key points:

–          Does it work for your current situation? How about five years from now?

–          Are we in a good neighborhood or location?

–          If major remodeling is on the horizon, would it financially make sense?

–          Most importantly, how large of a pool are you going to be able to market to later on down the road with the current setup?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a plethora of information. However, having that extra in-depth conversation can be the difference between merely liking your house and undeniably loving the decision you ultimately make.